Release Notes: April 30, 2023

New features included in this release:

Start workflows from the log view

If a project administrator has configured a workflow on a document type and you have access to start the workflow, you are now able to start directly from the log view, instead of having to go into a document. 

You can click the checkboxes next to each individual record and click the "..." button that appears at the bottom of the screen. Choose the "Start Workflow" option and choose the workflow(s) you want to start. Read more about starting workflows here.

View workflow status in the log view

Workflows are one of the most widely used features of However, in the past, it was difficult to see which records were involved in a workflow from the log view. In this release, we've added a new icon under the "Related" column in each log that shows the total number of workflows associated with each record. Clicking on the icon, you will see information about each workflow and a button to take action if the workflow is in your court. Read about other features in your log view here.

Preview workflow steps before starting a workflow

Before starting a workflow, it can be helpful to understand the general process and steps associated with the workflow. Now, from the log view and the document view, you can see the workflow name, description, and step labels before starting any workflow process. This change gives users more context on which workflow to choose, especially when many workflows have been configured for the same document type. 

Add the "workflow starter" to any step of the workflow

Workflows are a great tool to help send information through a step-by-step process. However, some companies have needed to duplicate workflows because all but one step is different based on who started the workflow. In this release, we have added the first "dynamic" workflow option, which is the option to add the user who started the workflow to any step. Read more about how to create a workflow here.

Other updates and bug fixes 🐛

NEW: Users in the "Who Can Start" field of a workflow now have the ability to restart a workflow that was previously completed.

NEW: An email is sent to the user who started a workflow when all steps of the workflow are passed.

NEW: A new "Who Can View" option has been added in the workflow administration area.

NEW: The total number of workflow steps has been added to the workflow banner that shows on forms when a workflow is in your court, instead of just the current step number.

NEW: A "Take Action" button has been added to each workflow card on the workflow dashboard view allowing users to take action without having to navigate to the form view.

NEW: Small nomenclature changes in the workflow administration area to match the text on the project pages (For example, "Send To (For Approval)" has been changed to "Send To (For Action)".)

NEW: If a workflow step is assigned to a share group, and a user from that group takes action on the step, the share group name will be replaced by the user's name. 

NEW: The document type and document subject has been added to the warning banner before taking action on a workflow.

NEW: When sharing a package document type, such as a Drawing Package, only one email notification will be sent for the package, instead of one email for the package and one email for each item in the package. 

NEW: Picklist and account code fields can be included in custom formulas.

NEW: A new "Created By" column has been added to the projects view in the My Company area.

NEW: Email notifications have a new look which includes easier-to-read project and document fields. 

NEW: The "Reference Document ID" has been added to the Action Items reporting category allowing users to create reports that show more document-specific detail.

NEW: Share Group Type has been added to the Share Group Users reporting category. 

NEW: Empty share groups now show in the Share Group User reports.

NEW: Contributors will see the ProjectTeam logo as their default logo instead of a generic "No Logo Added" image.

NEW: ProjectTeam logo on the login page now shows our slogan "Connect. Share. Collaborate.".

NEW: Upgraded Project Weather & Forecast panel and Project Location panel on the project homepage. 

FIXED: Clicking the Forgot Password link on the login screen is successfully sending email again.

FIXED: Users can successfully merge to a template, include the same photo in multiple spots, and include that same photo as an attachment to the resulting document.

FIXED: Updating Action Item data is now correctly being reflected in the reporting module.

FIXED: Users no longer receive an error page when editing an auto number field that has a prefix but they don't choose a prefix. They now receive a message upon saving asking them to choose a prefix.

FIXED: Reports that are formatted to show a currency symbol (Ex. $) are now showing the symbol again.

FIXED: The Permission Checker feature in the project administration area is no longer showing a blank screen. 

FIXED: Action Items that have a due date of next Monday are now correctly showing as "Due Next Week" instead of "Due This Week".

FIXED: Users no longer get an error page when trying to include invalid characters in a photo name (<>:"\/|?*). They now receive a message upon saving asking them to remove invalid characters.