Release Notes: July 5, 2020

Learn about features included in our new release including global search, single sign-on, bulk edit, and MS Office viewers.

Global Search

At the top of your My Page screen, there is a global search bar that allows you to search for terms across all of your projects. After searching for your term, the results page will show the associated form record and project. Similar to the project search option, you can flip between "List View" and "Detail View" to help find information quickly.

Single Sign-On

There are many advantages to Single Sign-On (SSO) including:

  • Reducing password fatigue

  • Simplifying username/password management

  • Improved identity protection

  • And much more

When logging in with an SSO user, after adding your email address on the log in page, will automatically recognize your account and enable SSO. The password field will be removed and you will be routed to your SSO application unless you have already logged in previously. Once entering your SSO log-in credentials, you will be taken directly into

Read more about setting up your SSO with ADFS here.

Sticky Pagination and Bulk Edit

By default, form logs in show 50 form records per page. Beyond that, users need to use the pagination options to navigate to other pages. The pagination navigation shows up at the bottom of your screen and allows you to quickly navigate to any set of 50 form records.

On the general pagination bar, if you select multiple form records in your log, you will notice two extra buttons appear:

  • Share

  • Bulk Edit

The bulk edit option allows you to select fields and update values within those fields. You can select as many form records as needed to perform the bulk edit process. In this initial phase of bulk edit, the following fields are included:

  • Single-Line Text

  • Multi-Line Text

  • Multi-Line Rich Text

  • Checkbox

  • Date

  • Number

  • Number (Currency)

  • Picklists

Note: if you select a field and then do not enter a value for the field, the values on all associated forms will become blank.

MS Office Viewing/Markups

In addition to PDF and Image files, you can now view and markup Microsoft Office file types in the viewer. This includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

When you upload an MS Office file, you can click the blue file name link and you will see the file open in the viewer. You can toggle the "Markup" button on and add shapes, text, pins, and more. If you do add markups and want to download the file with the added markups, the result will be a PDF file.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Rich Text Field Spacing in Merge - In the past, styled elements within your rich text fields were causing merge printing issues. When new lines started with styled text, the print output would smoosh the lines together. Now, lines are spaced correctly making the print output consistent with the information entered in the rich text field.

Code View in Rich Text - Users now have the option to switch on "code view" when editing in the rich text editor. This allows users to add extra styles consistent with their organizational needs.

Unapproving Contracts - In the past, once a Contract was marked "Approved", it was locked forever. We now give users the ability to fix mistakes by unapproving those Contracts. The unapprove option is found under the "..." ellipsis dropdown once the Contract is Approved.

Unapproving Payment Applications - In the past, once a Payment Application was marked "Approved", it was locked forever. We now give users the ability to fix mistakes by unapproving those Payment Applications. The unapprove option is found under the "..." ellipsis dropdown once the Payment Application is Approved.

Show Latest Default Check - The "Show Latest Revision Only" option on form logs that have multiple revisions such as Submittals, Drawings, and Specifications is checked by default eliminating a common "extra click" done by many users. You can uncheck this option to view all outdated revisions at any point.