Release Notes: February 16, 2023

New features included in this release:

Custom formula fields (expanded)

In our previous release, we introduced custom formula fields in a limited way (date and number fields only). In this release, we expanded the functionality to other field types including currency, checkboxes, text, collections, and more. 

Using formula fields, you can auto-populate data on your forms which can reduce wasted time due to manual data entry and minimize user errors. In addition to an expanded number of field types, we also added over 30 functions including IF, SWITCH, AVG, REPLACE, and more. There is no limit to what you can do with custom formulas on forms. Read more about the custom formula field here.

Assign colors to picklist options

As an administrator, you can now assign colors to your picklist options. You can assign colors to picklist options in the following areas:

  • Custom picklists created at the project level
  • Custom picklists created at the company level
  • System picklists (Ex. Submittal Item Reviewer Action)
  • Picklist Option Sets at the project level

You can add colors to picklists that show as both high-level fields on forms and inside of collections. Colors added to picklist options will also show on log views. 

Default to "Today's Date" for custom date fields

As an administrator, when creating or editing a custom date field, you can now set a default value for that field as "Today's Date". This means that when users create a new record that has that date field on it, the field will be populated to the user's current date. 

This is only a default date. Users will still have the opportunity to edit the date if needed. Read more about creating custom fields here.


Share Group Users reporting category

When creating a new report, you will notice a new category called "Share Group Users". This will allow you to create reports that show all users that are members of custom share groups your company has created. The Share Group Users category is available at the project level as well as the company level. This will allow you to view all users in your custom share groups across all projects if needed. 

Share Group Users in Reports-3

Manage Subscribers & Contributors in your My Company area

Company Administrators now have a better way to manage their Subscribers (internal users) and their Contributors (external users). At the company level, in the "Users" tab, you will find options for:

  • Subscriptions
  • External Contributors
  • Contract End Date

Within the Subscriptions box and the External Contributors box, you will see a list of all users that fall into each category. This allows you to manage each user in different ways. For example, for External Contributors, you can now remove users from your Contributor list which will free up space to invite new users to your projects. Read more about user management here.

Manage External Contributors-1

Other updates and bug fixes 🐛

NEW: Currency fields added to reports will default to the currency field type in reporting and include two decimals instead of rounding to a whole number.

NEW: Edit a photo's name and description from the My Page Recent Photos panel. 

NEW: Revision forms that include both letters and numbers will be sorted with letters first and then numbers. For example, Revisions are sorted A, B, C, 1, 2, 3 instead of 1, 2, 3, A, B, C.

NEW: The "Business Type" field in the Business Directory/Project Directory has been changed to text instead of a picklist to allow for an unlimited number of types. 

NEW: When using ProjectTeam on your desktop or mobile device, you can now include emojis in your comments.👍 

NEW: Multiple email domains for a single company are now supported. Please contact if you want to add multiple domains to your company. 

NEW: When performing a merge, if the merge is taking more than 45 seconds then ProjectTeam will email you the resulting merge document instead of making you wait.

FIXED: Cascading picklists added to collections can now be edited (they are no longer hidden in edit mode). 

FIXED: Creating a Payment Application in a sequence where a previous Payment Application in the same sequence was deleted no longer presents an error page. 

FIXED: Auto-number prefix values are no longer being dropped in certain report types. Auto-number prefixes are always shown. 

FIXED: Required fields on the Drawings form no longer cause errors when trying to save after performing text extraction/OCR.

FIXED: When printing a Merge Document from the preview window, the system no longer adds an extra blank page.