Release Notes: August 30, 2020

Learn about features included in our new release including photo tags in Merge Templates, Company Reference Collections, and Share Group management.

Photo Tags in Merge Templates allows you to build custom print formats, called Merge Templates. In the past, you could "merge" any record to your Merge Template and attach photos (and other file types) to the end of the document on separate pages. However, in this recent release, we introduced a new "merge tag" that can be placed anywhere inside your Merge Template as a placeholder for an image. This allows you to include thumbnails of your image, in any defined size, directly inside your template, instead of just attaching on separate pages.

The photo merge tags work in PDF, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint outputs. During the merge process, will prompt you to match photos found as attachments to any prompt tags found in your Merge Template.

This feature is very useful when creating formatted outputs for form types such as Inspections, Field Reports, Punch Lists, and more. Read more about Photos in Merge here.


Share Group Assignments at Company Level

On a project, you can create roles or groups, called "Share Groups", which can be used to assign permissions to forms, files, custom fields, and more. While you could always navigate to each project to add users to Share Groups, administrators can now assign Share Group access directly from the Company User's screen. This will help make the onboarding and updating of users from your internal company easier by having everything on one screen.


Share Group Assignments on Project Directory Invites

Each project has it's own Project Directory area where you can track information about businesses and contracts you work with on the project.

Once you provide an email address for a contact, you can click a button to send an invitation that they can accept to be able to log in and collaborate with you on the project. In this release, we added a second step to the invitation process that allows you to select existing Share Groups your company created before completing your invitation. Once they accept the project invitation, they will immediately show up in the selected Share Groups and therefore receive information already shared with those groups. This eliminates the need to retroactively add them to Share Groups after they sign up.

Company Reference Collections

A Reference Collection is a custom field type that you can add to a form that references information found in another form (You can read more about Reference Collections here). In this release, we added the ability to define Reference Collections at the company level allowing you to build them into your Project Templates. This way, you do not have to update forms or reports related to Reference Collections after new projects are created from those Project Templates. Company Reference Collections will also allow you to report on that data at the company level.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Ability to obsolete Payment Applications - You can only obsolete the latest non-approved Payment Application in an approval sequence. The previous Payment Application in the sequence becomes the latest. You cannot un-obsolete a Payment Application.

Upgraded Reporting Module - New and improved report editor toolbar making it easier to create and edit reports and dashboards.

Search bars in modals - Modal screens are used often in to allow you to complete a task without navigating away from your current screen. We've included search bars in modals that have long lists to help you find information faster. Examples include your "Favorite Forms" modal on the project homepage, the "Project Access" modal in the company users view, and more.