Unapproving the Payment Application

If there has been a mistake and the Payment Application was marked "Approved" prematurely, your Project Administrator can unapprove it to edit again.

Unapproving the Pay App

*Note: Only Project Administrators can unapprove forms.

To unapprove, click the options (...) button on the top right of the Payment Application form in view mode. In the "Related Actions" section of the dropdown, click the Unapprove option.

Note: You can only unapprove the Payment Application that is the latest in its sequence. For example, if you have Pay Apps 1, 2, and 3, and all have been approved, to unapprove 2, you would need to first unapprove 3. 

You will be prompted by a confirmation modal asking if you really want to unapprove. If you select Yes, the Payment Application will be unlocked and users will be able to edit again.