Review and Take Action on Workflow

This section provides instructions on how to review and take action on a workflow.


  1. The Workflow pane on My Page will reflect all Workflow records assigned to the user. All items will be displayed including a record count in the appropriate row according to the due dates under Overdue, Due Today or Due This Week. To view the Workflow click any row on the pane.
  2. The My Tasks Workflows pane will open.
  3. All Workflow items in your court will appear in swim lanes according to due dates with a count of how many workflow items are assigned and due to the User.
  4. Click on the record Subject link to open the record.
  5. The appropriate form will open. On the top of the form the Workflow for Record Name requires your action message will display.
  6. Click the Take Action button to perform action.
  7. The Workflow for Reporting modal window will open. Click the radio button in front of Pass or Cancel and add any pertinent notes. Click the Take Action button.
  8. If Passed, the workflow will move to the next step and forward a notification to the next responsible party. If Rejected, the workflow will be forwarded in a notification to the previous responsible party. If Cancelled, the workflow will stop and no notification will be forwarded to any party.