Requests for Information (RFI) Overview

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Requests for Information (RFIs) play a vital role in the overall success or failure of any construction project. allows you to easily create and share information with members of your project to expedite the RFI process and avoid costly mistakes.

The purpose of an RFI is to collect written confirmation or clarification from the architect or client that is needed to continue work. RFIs are often necessary to confirm details on the project specifications or drawings. 

RFI form


Field Name Field Type Description
Subject Text (Single Line) The subject acts as the title of your RFI. In general, it's best to keep the subject short and sweet to serve as a quick reference to the main topic of the form.
Question Text (Multiline) The question is where you'll describe what information or clarification you're looking for. For example, an RFI may be created by a subcontractor because there is an unclear section of a construction document
Answer Text (Multiline) The answer field is reserved for the official response to the RFI. The answer should be a clear and concise response to the question.



Each RFI form comes with a set of panels that help organize different types of information. You can learn more about panels here.

  • Details

  • Workflows

  • Attachments

  • Action Items

  • Comments

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RFI log

By default, when you navigate to the RFI log, you'll see the following columns:

  • Subject - The subject of the RFI form

  • Created On - The date and time that the RFI was created

  • Shared - The number of users that the RFI form is shared to

Creating a new RFI

  1. Navigate to the RFI log within a project.

  2. Click the New button on top of the RFI log.

  3. Fill in the fields of the RFI form. Typically, since you are creating a new RFI, you'll want to fill out the Subject and Question fields. If you have access to any other custom fields, you may want to fill those out as well.

  4. When you're ready to save the RFI, click the Save & Share button and you'll be able to send the RFI to other members of your project.

Editing an RFI

  1. Navigate to the form and click the Edit button.

  2. Update all fields that you'd like to change. 

  3. When you're done making all changes, click the Save button.