Reordering Form Fields

Learn how to reorder fields in forms in

Reordering Custom Fields

Any user on the project can add custom fields to the various project form types. Each company will be able to control the properties, access, and order of each one of their fields. 

Reordering System Fields

Only users from the company that created the project are able to reorder system fields. All reordering affects the views for all users on the project. Therefore, if your company created the project and therefore you can reorder the system fields, everyone on the project will see the system fields as you have ordered them. 


Company A creates a new project. Company A then invites Company B to connect on the project. Users from each company are able to add custom fields to the same form type (ex. RFI). Users from Company A will be able to reorder custom fields created by their company and any system fields. Users from Company B will only be able to reorder fields added by their company (not system fields because they are not the creator of the project). 

Company A's reorder options

Note: Company A users can reorder system fields (above) because their company created the project.

Company B's reorder options

Note: Company B users cannot reorder system fields (above) because their company did not create the project.