Release Notes: September 24, 2023

New features included in this release:

"Available on Invite" checkbox has been added to the Share Group administration area

As a project administrator, you can now determine which Share Groups should be available to users when they send invites from the Project Directory. In the past, all Share Groups created on projects were available on the invite screens. This created potential problems for companies that needed groups such as executives, administrators, top-secret groups, etc. but then any users could accidentally add others to that group when sending invites from the Project Directory. There is a new checkbox field on the Share Group administration screen labeled "Available on Invite". 

By default, the checkbox is set to unchecked which means that the Share Group will not be available to users when they are sending invites. However, administrators can check the box to make the Share Group available if they want. 

Conversion Note: All Share Groups created prior to this release have been converted to have the "Available on Invite" checkbox checked. If you want to remove a Share Group from the invite screens, you can update the field to unchecked. 

New option to download drawings with or without markups from drawing packages

As a user, you can upload a single multi-page PDF of Drawings and use the ProjectTeam Text Extraction features to automatically split the PDF into individual Drawing sheets. However, in the past, there was no way to re-download the file back into a single multi-page PDF. In this release, we've added new options to the Drawing Package "Drawings" collection to help with this including:

  • Download All Individual (zip) - This option downloads each individual Drawing sheet as a PDF and combines everything into a zip folder for you. No user-defined markups are included.
  • Download All Combined (pdf) - This option combines all individual sheets back into a single multi-page PDF. No user-defined markups are included. 
  • Download All Combined With markups (pdf) - This option downloads all individual sheets back into a single multi-page PDF AND includes any user-defined markups added via the online viewer features. 

System-generated metadata about forms is now available in reports

When creating reports based on forms (Example: RFIs, Contracts, Submittals, Custom Forms, etc.), you now have the ability to include system metadata about the form, including the "Created By" user, "Created By" company, and the "Created On" date/time. The new system-generated fields are shown with the prefix "(System)" in the reporting area which makes them easy to distinguish from the user-entered fields. The new fields can be used in sorts, filters, groups, joins, and visible report fields. 


Sort your All Forms log by the "My Access" column

When viewing the All Forms log, there are five (5) default columns including My Access, Subject, Form Type, Created On, and Shared. In this release, we added the ability to sort the My Access column by clicking on the column header. By default, the log is sorted by the Created On column. However, if you click the My Access column, it will re-sort the log to show Obsolete, Halted, and Share forms. This should help users quickly find records of a certain status instead of having to click through all pages using the pagination footer at the bottom of the log view. 

Other updates and bug fixes 🐛

NEW: Search bars have been added to each column in the Project Directory invite modal.

NEW: The maximum number of characters for a URL field has increased from 250 to 2,500.

NEW: Users that take action in a workflow on behalf of a share group now show the user's name instead of the share group's name. 

NEW: A new file-upload process has been introduced for the Attachments panel on forms which results in more efficient uploads. This process is also a step in the direction of increasing our maximum single-file upload size (currently 2GB per file). 

FIXED: Company Merge Templates are now available on eligible projects even when the administrator who created the Merge Template is not.

FIXED: When viewing a Drawing Package, using the next and previous buttons in the fullscreen viewer now correctly navigates to the appropriate Drawing, matching the list shown in the Drawing Package Drawings collection. 

FIXED: Adding and/or editing a comment with a line break now correctly keeps the line break, instead of removing it and combining the text into one line.