Release Notes: March 28, 2021

On the Drawings log, when you want to create a new Drawing Package, you have a new option to "Automate using Text Extraction". Using text extraction will allow you to quickly upload a single multi-page PDF, extract data from the PDF, and split it into individual Drawings on your project.

At the end of your extraction and review process, all the pages of your file will be grouped into a single Drawing Package allowing you to easily share and collaborate with other members of your project team.

Drawing Log Improvements

There are a number of helpful improvements added to the Drawings log but the most significant is the ability to jump into the fullscreen mode of any Drawing right from the log view. Clicking the "expand" button on the log immediately opens up the Drawing in fullscreen view and allows you to view and update with appropriate markups.

Drawing Viewer Navigation Improvements

While viewing a Drawing in fullscreen mode, you have new options for quickly navigating to other drawings. On the top left of the viewer screen, you have options to move to the previous Drawing or next Drawing. You will also find a dropdown that allows you to skip to the latest revision of any Drawing you have access to.

Other Related Improvements

Markup Icon in Revisions Panel - When viewing the details of a Drawing, in the Revision Panel you can see the standard markup icon indicating if any revisions have markups.

PDF Viewer in Firefox Browser - Fixed an issue where the PDF viewer was not loading for the Drawings form in the Mozilla Firefox browser.