Release Notes: July 19, 2020

Learn about features included in our new release including bulk edit enhancements and advanced user administration.

Bulk Edit (Project Directory field types)

In our July 6, 2020 release, we introduced a way to quickly update many form records at once, called "Bulk Edit". In that release, we included most field types including text, numbers, checkboxes, standard picklists, and more. However, there were a couple of field types that had extra complications that we left out.

In this release, we have now included those additional field types in the Bulk Edit process. They include:

  • Project Directory (Contact)

  • Project Directory (Business)

  • Project Directory (Address)

Form types that include system fields of the Project Directory type such as Contracts, Change Orders, Drawings, and others, will still respect the association between the fields. For example, if you select ABC Construction in the business field, only contacts from ABC Construction will be shown in the contact field.

Assigning Project Access and Administrative Rights

Note: Only company administrators are able to access the My Company Users page.

For clients that have a lot of projects, we wanted to make it easier to add individual users to many projects at once. This works well for executives or audit type users that need to be able to jump into any project at any time.

In the My Company > Users List > User View page there is now a checkbox to select all projects. For each project selected, you can decide to grant project administration access. If the user needs to be a project administrator on all projects, use the dropdown next to the "Add" button to set administrative rights all at once.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Project Template Fixes - We fixed a couple of issues when creating new projects from project templates.

  • Share Groups marked as "Public" in the project template remain "Public" in newly created projects

  • Account Code Segments in the new project match the order from the project template (they no longer get incorrectly reordered)

Unapproving Change Orders - In the past, once a Contract was marked "Approved", it was locked forever. We now give users the ability to fix mistakes by unapproving Change Orders. The unapprove option is found under the "..." ellipsis dropdown once the Change Order is Approved. 

Blank "Recently Created Forms" List - We noticed a small issue where the "Recently Created Forms" log on the project homepage was taking too much time to load. The issue has been resolved and the list should load with the project homepage now.

Blurry Print from Viewer - We improved the print quality of printing from our file viewer. Downloading and printing the native file has always been crystal clear, but the rendering in the file viewer was causing text to appear fuzzy.