Release Notes: January 24, 2021

Company Merge Templates

Inside the Company Administration area, you will find a new option labeled "Company Merge Templates" in the main menu. Company Administrators can create new Merge Templates at the company level and apply them down to projects. This allows you to more easily manage common Merge Templates used on many projects.

From the list view, you can create new Company Merge Templates by specifying:

  • Merge Template Name

  • Source Form Type

  • Description

Company Merge Templates can only use System or Company level fields. By default, new Company Merge Templates are not added to any projects. However, you have the option to add your new Company Merge Template to any projects that your organization has access to. This allows you to keep Merge Templates organized within the different regions or areas of your business. For example, if you have different Merge Templates for East Coast projects vs West Coast projects because of different laws and regulations, you can apply certain templates to just East Coast projects and others to just West Cost projects. That way, on East Coast projects your users will only be able to use the appropriate East Cost Merge Templates.

The other option you have per Merge Template is public vs non-public:

  • Public - Users from your company and users from companies connected to your company can use the Merge Template on the project

  • Non-public - Only users from your company can use the Merge Template on the project

For example, let's say you add a new Company Merge Template, add it to 5 of your projects, and mark it public on all projects. Users from your company that have been assigned to any of those projects will be able to use the Merge Template when merging a form record. Also, any users from companies you are connected to will also see that Merge Template as an option when merging information.

Project Merge Templates

Merge Templates at the project level have been removed from the "form types" area and added to the Project Administration area instead. This gives Project Administrators greater control over their Merge Templates without having to worry about a user from a different company modifying their templates.

Merge Templates at the project level are created using the same three-step wizard used before. After adding the Merge Template, you have the option to make it public or non-public (as defined in the Company Merge Templates description above).

You can make a Merge Template public or non-public at any point. The toggle only affects who can use the Merge Template when merging records.

What happens to my existing Merge Templates?

All existing Merge Templates that were created in projects before this release can be found in the project administration area under the "Merge Templates" option. If a Merge Template was shared with any users outside of your organization, then it has been turned to "Public" by default. If the Merge Template was not shared or shared to only users from your organization, it will show as "Not Public". If needed, you can easily toggle the Public button to change permission access.

Other Related Improvements

Save & Email Activity - After merging, if you perform a "Save & Email", the email address will be logged in the Merge Document's activity history panel.