Release Notes: December 17, 2023

New features included in this release:

Follow folders to receive email notifications when files are uploaded

Inside the "Files" area of each project, you can follow folders to receive email notifications when new files and revisions of existing files are uploaded. The option to follow is found in the dropdown next to each folder. When you follow a folder, the system will ask if you also want to follow all subfolders. Each folder has its own follow rule, so you can unfollow a subfolder while still following its parent folder. 

When viewing a followed folder, you will see a blue banner near the top of the screen. You can use the link in the banner to unfollow if needed. Similar to when following a folder, when unfollowing, you must confirm if you want to take a similar action for all subfolders.

Improvements on the Drawing Package form type 

This release includes multiple improvements to the Drawing Package form type. They include:

1. In the Drawing Packages log view, click the expand button to open the package in the fullscreen viewer. You no longer need to click the subject link to enter the view mode before viewing the Drawings included in the package. This new option saves time and eliminates some of the navigational confusion that occurred in the past.  

2. When viewing the Drawings collection on a Drawing Package, you will see an indication next to each Drawing that has markups. In the past, it was difficult to see which Drawings had markups from this view and required users to open each Drawing in the fullscreen viewer to see added annotations. Now, users can quickly see which Drawings they need to pay attention to in cases such as design reviews.

Bulk obsolete in log views (Project Administrators Only) 

The concept of obsoleting data is not new, but in the past users could only obsolete one record at a time. In this release, we give Project Administrators a way to quickly obsolete many records at once. In the log view, if a Project Administrator selects multiple rows, there is an option in the ellipsis button of the footer that allows for bulk obsolete. This is a great way to clean up bad data, duplicate records, or an incorrect import quickly. 

Other updates and bug fixes 🐛

NEW: For users with access to projects that store federal data, there is a link on the login page to the FedRAMP version of (View recent press release related to the FedRAMP process here).

NEW: System metadata related to forms, including Created By and Created On, is available in company cross-project reports.

NEW: Significant work has been completed to re-vamp the file upload process for large files. Users should see better performance in the file management area.

NEW: For users who like to provide feedback to our product team, we have increased the feedback form to 2,500 characters. 

NEW: Integration APIs added to quickly add company fields to many projects at once.

NEW: When users download many files into a zip folder, there is now a 10,000 file limit.

NEW: A limit of 1.85GB per file has been added to the drawing text extraction process area.

FIXED: Budget Amendments that are marked "Obsolete" are no longer showing in the Budget Item collections.

FIXED: Drawings that had no "Discipline" defined were sometimes incorrectly sorted in the log view. That problem has been fixed.

FIXED: Drawing files that have an uppercase PDF extension now work in the drawing text extraction process.