Managing project Share Groups

Group together similar users to help set up sharing, access and workflow rules. Learn the difference between private and public groups.

New Share Group

Add users to a Share Group

Public vs Private Share Groups

Project share groups are used to quickly share data to an entire group instead of having to share the data with each user individually. Share groups are used in many areas throughout including: 

  • Forms

  • Files

  • Folders

  • Custom Fields

  • Action Items

  • Workflows

  • Project Templates

You can add users to a share group and then share information to that group. Once information is shared with the group, all users within that group get access to the information that was shared. 

New Share Group

  1. From the project homepage, click the Share Groups box

  2. Click the New button on the top of the list

  3. Fill in the Group Name and Description

  4. Click the Save button

By default, there are no users added to your new share group. 

Add Users to Share Group

  1. Navigate to the Share Group you want to add users to

  2. In the Group Membership panel, click the Add button

  3. Click the checkbox next to all users you'd like to add to the Share Group

  4. Click the Add button

Switching Share Group from "Private" to "Public"

By default, all new share groups start as private. A private group means only users from your company can use the group. 

share groups

At any point, you can switch the share group from private to public. Once you make a group public, users from companies you are connected to on the project will be able to use the group. 

Note: Once you mark a Share Group as public, it cannot be marked private anymore.