Add a Business in your Project Directory

The Project Directory is a subset of your company's Business Directory and specific to each individual project.

Each project has its own unique Project Directory. The Project Directory is a place to learn more about businesses and contacts your company knows about on the project. Each company on the project has its own unique Project Directory.

By default, you will show up as a contact and your company will show as a business in the directory. All other users you connect with will automatically populate your Project Directory as well.

The Project Directory is a subset of the overall Business Directory your company has. The Business Directory is only accessible by company administrators while the Project Directory is accessible by everyone on the project.

Add New Business to the Project Directory

  1. Navigate to the Project Directory area by clicking the Directory icon inside your project.

  2. Click the Add Business button at the top of the Directory.

  3. If you have already added the business to another project, you can search and find them in the search list. Otherwise, click the Create New button to create a new business.

  4. Fill out the required fields of the Business form (Business Name). Then click Save.

  5. On the breadcrumb navigation, click the Project Directory link to navigate back to the Project Directory home screen. You will see the newly created business shows in the list with no contacts yet.

Note: Creating a new business on a project also adds that business to your company's overall Business Directory. That way, other projects can pull in the new business information also without having to double enter the information.