Manage your Company's Business Directory

The business directory in is a place to track all businesses and contacts you do business with across your various projects.


Each company has its own unique Business Directory. That means that no one else can see or use your Business Directory - it is 100% unique to your company. 

To access your company's Business Directory, follow the steps below:

  1. On the main navigation bar, click your name in the top right

  2. In the dropdown, choose the My Company option

  3. Once in the My Company area, navigate to the Business Directory page

By default, you should at least see your own company listed in the Business Directory. This list shows all businesses that your company has worked with across your various projects. 

There are three ways businesses get added to the Business Directory list:

  • You (or another admin) adds the business to the Business Directory

  • A user adds the business to a project's Project Directory (a subset of the Business Directory)

  • You connect with a company on a project (and a corresponding business record gets added)

Business Information

Each business record includes information about the business itself but also shows information about addresses, contacts, and projects. 

A list of addresses associated with the business. Each address can include an Address Type, Street, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country, and Notes.

A list of contacts associated with the business. Each contact can include Prefix, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Work Email Address, Work Phone Number, Cell Phone Number, and Fax Number. 

In addition to general information about the contact, there is a Projects panel that lists all projects the contact has been added to (all projects where the contact will appear in the project's Project Directory).

A list of projects the business has been added to (all projects where the business will appear in the project's Project Directory). The projects tab just shows the Name and Number of each project. 

Deleting Business Directory Entries

If you have incorrect or duplicate entries in your Business Directory and need to clean up the information, you can delete Businesses, Contacts, and Addresses.

To delete, navigate to the record you want to remove and click the Delete option. Once clicked, a confirmation window will appear letting you know that the action is final and the deleted record will be taken off all related projects.

Note: If you do not see a "Delete" option, it means the record is related to a real company or user that logs into For these records, you can remove them from projects but you are unable to delete them.