"Log In As" one of your users

Logging in as another user can help you troubleshoot issues they may be having by giving you a first-hand look at their account.

Logging in as another user can be a very powerful tool in helping you understand what other users may be experiencing in ProjectTeam.com. To perform a "Log In As" follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Users tab of the My Company area

  2. Click on the appropriate user's name

  3. On the user page, click the "..." button

  4. In the dropdown, click the Log In As link

  5. In the confirmation window, click the Yes button

After logging in as the other user, you will be immediately redirected to their My Page. That user will automatically receive an email notifying them that their administrator has logged in as them. This is strictly for security purposes.

During the time that you're logged in as the other user, all actions that are done will show up as if the other user had done the work. 

When done, click the Switch Back button and you'll be directed back to your My Page.