Global Search vs. Project Search

Search through field data from all forms and files you have access to on projects. has a search feature that allows you to quickly search across all projects or single projects using keywords or phrases. 

Global search

From the My Page screen, you will see a global search option in your top navigation bar. You can enter single words or phrases into this search bar and click the Search button (or Enter on your keyboard).

The results will show you all matches to your word or phrase across projects and form records you have access to.

Project search

Once you enter a project, you'll notice a search box on the top menu bar. The search feature can be found within all projects.

To search, simply click inside the search box, type your search term, and then click the Search button. After searching, you're taken to a page that shows all matches to your search term. The results are forgiving, returning relevant information even if the search term is not an exact match. 

Filter search results

In front of the project search box, you can filter your results by form type. By default, the search bar is set to "All" but you can change the filter to search specific form types including any custom form types you have access to.

To filter your search results, choose a form type, then type into the search box, and click Enter on your keyboard. 

Search results

The search results page shows all matches to your original search term. By default, search results are ordered by "Created Date" (most current at the top). 

For every search, the results can be viewed in two different ways:

  • List view

  • Detail view

Each search result shows the following information:

  • Document Type

  • Document Subject

  • Field label and value of matching the search term

  • Form creation meta-data (created by and created on)

Field types

The following field types are included in search results:

  • Account Code

  • Collection

  • Email

  • Picklist

  • Picklist (Cascading)

  • Project Directory (Business)

  • Project DIrectory (Contact)

  • Text (Single line)

  • Text (Multiline)

  • Text (Multiline Rich)

  • URL

The following fields are not included in search results:

  • Collection (Reference)

  • Date

  • Number

  • Number (Auto Number)

  • Number (Currency)


Stopwords are words such as "a," "and," "is," or "the," that can occur frequently but that typically do not help when searching for particular text. If you search for a stopword only, you will get a results page that shows "No results found".