Format dates in a Merge Template

Set the format of a date tag used in a Merge Template by using Smarty tags.

The default date format for a merge document matches what is shown in the ProjectTeam user interface. However, you have many options to further format a date using Smarty tags. 

Extra characters, called conversion specifiers, can be added to your merge tags to format your date field in a specific way. Common date specifiers include:

  • %a - abbreviated weekday name

  • %A - full weekday name

  • %b - abbreviated month name

  • %B - full month name

  • %D - shows the full date in numbers (same as %m/%d/%y)

  • %e - day of the month 

  • %Y - year

You can view the full list of date-related conversion specifiers on the Smarty website.

Below are examples of tags that show a combination of an original tag and a conversion specifier:

  • 1/1/2022: {$projectteam_0001} 
  • 01/01/2022: {$projectteam_0001|date_format:"%D"}
  • Saturday: {$projectteam_0001|date_format:"%A"} 
  • Saturday, 01/01/2022: {$projectteam_0001|date_format:"%A, %D"} 
  • Saturday, January 1, 2022: {$projectteam_0001|date_format:"%A, %B %e, %Y"}