Files Overview

ProjectTeam contains a file management system to assist the user in efficiently managing project files. 


  1. Click the Files icon located on the left navigation pane.
  2. The Files shared with me pane opens.
  3. There are 3 tabs located on the Files pane. Project Files, Form Attachments and Halted/Obsolete Files. Project Files is where the User will upload the folder structure of their choice to store project related files. Form Attachments is where any file uploaded on a form type will be stored. Halted/Obsolete Files is where any file that has be halted or obsoleted (removed from view) file will be stored.
  4. To upload a folder structure into ProjectTeam, click on the Project Files tab, browse to the desired folder structure, click on the parent folder then drag and drop the structure into the bottom panel of the Files shared with me pane.
  5. The entire folder structure uploads. It is important to note, no files contained in the folder structure will be uploaded, only the structure itself.
  6. To upload files into the folders, click on the desired folder name, browse to the file location, select the files by clicking the file name (select multiple files using the CTRL or Shift), then drag and drop the files into the bottom pane.
  7. All selected files will be uploaded into the selected folder.
  8. To Share, View, Download, Upload New Version or Copy any file that has been uploaded, click the dropdown menu to the right of the file name and select the appropriate action. File types that can be previewed include pdf, jpeg, jpg, png, gif and txt.
  9. Files that have not been shared with other users can also be Deleted using the dropdown menu. Files that have been shared can only be Obsoleted which moves them to the Halted/Obsolete Files tab.
  10. Users can rename files either by using the pencil to the right of the file name or by selecting Rename from the dropdown menu.

  11. The Form Attachments tab contains all files that have been attached to any form type in ProjectTeam. By default a folder is created for all form types (system and custom). As files are attached to any form type the file is stored in the folder created for that form type using the Document Subject as a title for the sub-folder (i.e., A-301 control joint markups.pdf specifications will be located under Form Attachments/Specifications/Steel Decking).
  12. To open the form type record associated with any file on the Form Attachments tab, click the file name hyperlink or select Properties from the dropdown menu.
  13. The Halted/Obsolete Files tab contains all files that have been halted or obsoleted (removed from view) for the duration of the project. To Unobsolete any file select Properties from the dropdown menu to the right of the file.
  14. The form type for Halted and Obsolete will open. Click the ellipse button … on the top right of the pane and select Unobsolete.
  15. The file will return to the Project Files original location.
  16. Files contained on the Form Attachments that have been obsoleted will not be shown on the Halted/Obsolete Files tab. To restore an Obsolete file that was previously on a form type the user must review the form type in the View as of… state, download the obsoleted file from this view then re-upload to the file to form type record after returning to the current version.