Download drawings from the log

Select multiple drawings from your log and download them into a zip folder.

There may be times on your project when you need to download drawings away from the system. When downloading drawings from, they will be downloaded into a zip folder in the following format: "Drawing #_Subject_Rev #.pdf".

  1. Navigate to the appropriate project.
  2. Navigate to the Drawings form type. 
  3. Click on the Drawing tab on the log.

  4. Filter your log to only show the drawings you want to download.
  5. Click the Select All checkbox or choose individual check boxes next to each drawing.

  6. In the footer options pop-up, click the ellipsis button and choose the Download option.

  7. The selected drawings will be downloaded into a zip folder.

    Zip view of downloaded drawings

Note: Downloading drawings from the log will download the original file only. No markups will be included in the download.