Setup Specification Divisions

You will need to add Specification Division codes before you can add your project Specifications.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate project homepage.
  2. Scroll down to the Project Administration pane under Document Setup and click the Customize Forms icon:
    project admin, customize forms location
  3. The Customize Forms page will open.
  4. Scroll down and click the Specifications form link.
    specifications form highlighted
  5. The Form Properties window opens. Locate the Division field and click the dropdown arrow.
    division field highlighted
  6. Click the Edit button.
    edit button
  7. The Division form will open.
    division form open
  8. To manually add a Division, enter a division title and click the Add button.
    save button
  9. Click the Save button.
  10. To upload a list of Divisions, click the dropdown arrow beside the Add button and select Bulk Upload.
    bulk add button
  11. The Bulk Add Options modal window will open.
    screen to add options for list
  12. Copy and paste a list of values into the Option Values box. If pasting from Excel, make sure each value comes from a separate row on the spreadsheet. (See an example below).
    example of copy and paste
    Download : 16 Division - Specifications - Division Options.csv
  13. After adding the Divisions, click the Add button to complete the upload.
    add button
  14. The Field Properties page will open with a list of the newly added Divisions. Click the Save button to save the changes.
    save button
  15. Use the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page to return to either Customize Forms or Project Home to return to the home page.
    project home