Create a Directive

A directive is a request from an Architect, Owner, or Contractor asking another contractor to perform tasks that might not already be indicated in a contract.

Depending on the current work status a Directive may or may not have a cost or schedule impact on the project. A Directive that changes the Scope of Work should be incorporated into a Change Order to document the change regardless of a cost or schedule impact.

  1. Within the project click the Forms icon on the left navigation pane.
  2. Use the Search box to type dir to easily locate the Directives form.
  3. The Directives shared with me log opens. Click either the New button at the top of the pane or the Create New Directive button at the bottom of the form.
  4. The Directives form opens. Complete the required fields Subject and Directive Number.
  5. Complete any remaining fields necessary to document the change in Scope of Work to properly document this change. Click the Save or Save and Share button at the top of the screen to save the entry.
  6. This Directive may be used to create a Potential Change Order, Request for Proposal, Cost Proposal or Change Order in the future. For instructions on creating these forms see the respective QRG for that form.