Create a Submittal Item

Quickly create submittals in

NOTE: Before creating a submittal item or package, you must define specifications for the project. You can define specifications using the specification form. 


Manually Create a Submittal Item

  1. Navigate to the submittal log within a project. 

  2. Click the New Item button on top of the submittal log.

  3. Fill in all required fields of the submittal item form. Typically, since you are creating a new submittal, you'll want to fill out the Subject, Specification Section, Number, Revision, Revision Date, Material Needed On Site, and Description fields. 

  4. When you're ready to save the submittal item, click the Save button.

  5. Next, locate the Attachments panel to upload the submittal item. 
  6. Individual Submittal Items can be shared and workflowed but it is recommended that Submittal Items be grouped in a Submittal Package for workflow and distribution. 

Create a Submittal Item Revision

If utilizing Submittal Packages, you should not revise a Submittal Item from the item itself.  Revising the package will auto-create revisions of any open Submittal Items in that package eliminating the need to revise them individually while preserving the link to the revised Submittal Package.

  1. Navigate to the previous submittal item and click the subject to view the form.
  2. On the top of the form, click New Revision.
  3. A new revision form is created with the revision field incremented by one.
  4. Click the Save button. 
  5. Navigate to the Attachments panel and upload the revised submittal.