Configuring your Project Menu Dropdown

Configure your "Project Menu Dropdown" on your top menu bar to help you quickly navigate between projects.

In the top navigation bar, a dropdown exists that allows users to quickly switch between projects. Users can configure which projects show in their top menu bar. Configuring the project menu is a personal preference and does not affect any other users.

Project Menu Default

By default, when a user is added to a new project, that project will show in the project menu dropdown. If users don't want a project to show in the menu bar anymore, they need to configure their menu and uncheck the unwanted projects.

Configure the Project Menu Dropdown

To remove a project from the project menu bar:

  1. Click the project dropdown

  2. In the menu, click the option to View All Projects...

  3. On the All Projects page, click the "..." button

  4. In the dropdown, click the Configure Project Menu option

  5. In the modal window, uncheck the unwanted projects

  6. Click the Save button to save your preferences

Only projects that a user has access to will show in the "Configure Project Menu" modal. The list of projects is shown in alphabetical order based on the project name.