Company Invitations

Review all incoming and outgoing project invitations for your company.

The Invitations tab within your company is a place that shows all incoming and outgoing invitations that are currently pending. Once an invitation has been declined or accepted, the invitation will no longer show in the view.

To view your company's invitations:

  1. Click your user name on the top right of the main navigation bar

  2. Click the My Company link

  3. Click the Invitations tab

Incoming Project Invitations

The Incoming Project Invitations section shows a list of all pending invitations including the project your company has been invited to and the company that invited you. From the list, you have two options:

  • Accept: Connects your company with the inviter company on the project. By default, the person that accepts the invitation will be the only user on the project for your company but you can add users as needed.

  • Decline: Removes the pending invitation from the list.

Outgoing Project Invitations

The Outgoing Project Invitations section shows all invitations that your company has sent to other companies. From the list, you have one option:

  • Retract: Removes the invitation from the list and removes the invitation from the Incoming Project Invitations list for the invited company.