Add a custom Company Form Type to a Project

Once you create a custom company form you can add it to a project or project template in

Applying a custom company form type to a project

1.   Navigate to one of your projects using the Projects dropdown on the main navigation bar
2.  On the project homepage, scroll down to the project administration area
3.  Click the Customize Forms option

customize forms4.  In the Customize Forms list, click the Add button
5.  A modal window appears giving you two options:

  • Create a new custom form type
  • Add an existing company form type

6.  Click the Existing Company Forms option
7.   In the list of company form types, choose the appropriate option and click Next
8.  In the list of variations, choose the appropriate option and click Save

Your company form type has been added to your project. You should be taken to the form properties view of the form type. By default, you should see the subject field and all other custom fields you set up previously. 

By default, you will be the only user that has access to each of the fields on the form. You can give other users access to the fields at this point. 

Congrats! Your company form type has been applied to your project. You and your users can now use the form on your project.